2307: Glad tidings

Posted: July 23, 2012 by Kelly in league, stories, the world

The sound of his phone woke him from his powernap. Young rolled over and checked his clock. 4.15 am. The numbers glowed blue in the darkness of his apartment. He grabbed his phone, recognised Irina Weisz as the caller ID and enabled only the sound, not pictures. “What is it?” he greeted her under his breath, careful not to wake Rory, who seemed not to have noticed the phone alert and was still blissfully snoring away.

“Did I finally manage to catch you asleep for once?” she asked.

He grunted. “Contrary to popular belief, I /do/ sleep once in a while. What do you want, Weisz?”

“I call with glad tidings,” she said. “One of the flagged leads you gave me in the Eurozone just went green.”

He sat up in the darkness. The blankets pooled around his body as he raked a hand through his hair. His mind was immediately alert and awake. “Who is it?”

“Guess who lost her fortune in one of the Euro bettingstations tonight?”

“Was it Williams?”

“Definitely. She bet all her money in a 1:4 ratio last night, stupid bitch. Thought Ramsey wouldn’t make it.”

He smiled in the alarmclock-lit darkness. “Nobody did. But at that ratio? Guess the psych evals were right after all.”

She chuckled softly in his ear. He could just imagine her sitting in her Black City office, surrounded by plasma and screens. Black-clothed and severe like always- yet when she laughed like that, she sounded like a lover. He wondered if she knew, but then thought she probably did. “One wonders if you rigged the match to fall out that way somehow, though. My files came up clean. I could find no triggers.”

He shook his head, although she couldn’t see it. “No, Williams did this one all by herself. She’s an idiot where it comes to betting on matches. It was just a matter of time until she’d shoot herself in her foot.” He slid out of bed, allowed himself one last look at Rory’s peacefully sleeping form, and padded over to the shower. “Anyway, it looks like we’ve got them all alined up now. I’m going to set things in motion to make that recruitment run. Thanks for letting me know.”

“Happy headhunting,” she wished him and terminated the connection.

The water of the shower was warm on his skin and he found himself smiling at the slick white tiles. He loved it when he was right.

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