2292: Tornado Warning

Posted: February 20, 2014 by Kelly in Uncategorized

Irina is smiling when she lays her hand on the scanner to enter her quarters. It’s almost 3 am and it’s her birthday. Gershan had shared a bottle of wine with her to celebrate and one thing had lead to another. With Solchov off on business in Shanghai, they’d figured themselves safe enough. It had been months since they’d last had their chance to indulge in a moment for themselves, and those secret sweet moments together are so goddamn precious. It’s the best birthday present she’s ever had.

The door slides open and she steps into the darkened room.

“Where have you been?” a familiar voice asks sharply.

Irina looks up and finds Alek Solchov sitting at her terminal station. He’s leaning back in her chair and is only illuminated by the lights of her screensavers. “Around,” she says with a small smile. Her heart is thundering in her throat. /Does he know? Oh God, does he?/ “When did you get back?”

“Just now,” Solchov says. He gets up from her chair and crosses the distance between them. He wipes her dark hair out of her face. “You smell like booze.”

/Thank God that he doesn’t smell the sex./ “I had some wine, I hope that’s okay,” she admits, looking up at him and focusing on her breathing. /He must not know, I must not show,/ she tells herself in the silence of her mind. “I finished work and I had something to celebrate,” she says softly.

“I know,” he says. He’s smiling, but it’s almost a sad, wistful smile. She doesn’t know this expression on his face and it’s mildly terrifying. Even after all those years he can still catch her off guard. He’s messing with her, he must be. He reaches a hand in his pocket and she sees a flash of something gleaming in the light of her terminal, before he puts it in her hand.

It feels cold, like stones. She looks down and sees a bracelet in her cupped palm. Diamonds are sparkling in the white-blue lighting. “Oh,” she says dumbfoundedly. “Thank you. Is that…”

He looks almost pleasant. Almost nice. It’s his ‘I’m your favourite uncle’ face that he used to wear in public, when she was younger and only just with him. “It’s for your birthday. Did you think I’d forget?”

He never forgets. Every year there’s a present on her birthday. She still has all of them. It’s always diamonds, it’s always jewellery. He asked her about her birthday when she got out of the hospital with Niki that first time. “June eleven,” she had told him. He had nodded and not mentioned it anymore until her birthday nine months later, close after Niki’s death. He’d given her a necklace with rubies and diamonds. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” he told her. “I thought you might need a friend.”

It had made her cry, because she cried a lot those days. He had just smiled and that day, there had been no abuse. A birthday present, indeed.

The bracelet is beautiful; prettier than all of her other birthday presents so far. He’s outdone himself this year. The diamonds are cut exquisitely. They sparkle brilliantly and altogether it must have cost a fortune. “It’s gorgeous,” she says.

“I know,” Solchov says while he takes the bracelet from her hands and slides it around her wrist. It feels heavy and cold, but it looks beautiful. “Come to bed.”

She follows him wordlessly.

He is gentle with her tonight. He takes his time undressing her, kissing her, teasing her. After seven years, her body has given up all of its secrets to him; he knows what she likes and he’s using all of that knowledge to his advantage at the moment. Despite the fact that it’s pleasurable, it freaks her the hell out as well. There’s always /something/ when he’s nice to her. She feels suspicious and then decides that he’s just messing with her again, that he wants to fuck with her head as much as he fucks her body once more; even on her birthday. When he slides his fingers into her he chuckles and comments: “You’re wet quickly, my sweet.”

/Still wet from Gershan’s birthday present, you mean,/ Irina thinks and chokes back the reply. “Must be the wine and the diamonds,” she says and she smiles her sweetest smile at him.

“Must be because you love me,” he says while his clever fingers make her moan. He knows everything she likes, all her sweet spots. She hates that she is making all the same sounds for him that she made for Gershan just an hour earlier, but he expects this so she has to give it to him. She nearly sobs when she reaches her climax.

He lays down on top of her and she can feel his hardness pressing against her entrance. “Irina,” he whispers while he enters her slowly. She is sensitive there, post-climax, and she feels it all. “You’re still mine, aren’t you?”

“Always,” she lies, wrapping her legs around him because she knows he likes that. She angles herself so he can reach deeper and he grunts, closing his eyes. “You feel so good. I’ll never let you go.”

/I know,/ she thinks silently and wonders how much longer it will be before she’s free. Half a year, maybe? She nearly has enough money. And when the Autumn games start, more money should come rolling in. Maybe the Autumn games alone will be enough to break free.

“I’ll make this last forever,” he promises and she wonders if he’s talking about the sex or about the two of them in this fucked up situation. “You’re mine. You’d never dream of betraying me, would you?”

Her eyes fly open. He’s asked her this before, but never so adamant, never so direct. “No,” she lies, meeting his green eyes with all the conviction she can muster up. This is it. He must believe her now or she can still end up dead or rotting away in the catacombes where he leaves all those who wrong him, all his enemies. She’s told the lie so many times before but it has never been as big a lie as it is right now. “I’m yours,” she adds, rising up to meet his thrust, scratching her nails over his naked back, trying to distract him. “Why these thoughts?”

“Just checking,” he says and he smiles. It’s the predatory smile she knows so well from him. For a moment she thinks he knows and that all is lost, but he doesn’t break his rhythm. He just goes on and buries himself deep inside her, smiling that shark-like smile, picking up speed as he goes. He’s close, and just when he’s about to climax he says: “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you,” she says reflexively as he spills himself inside of her.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” he smiles when he comes down from his peak, kissing her on the lips. “You’ve learned to tell your lies, my sweet. I could almost believe it.”

She doesn’t answer him, she just looks at him.

He smiles sadly. The expression looks odd on his face. Almost genuine. Almost like he isn’t messing with her head, as if he’s telling the truth for once in the years she’s been with him. “It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re mine,” he says. “As long as you stay with me. I don’t think I could stand the thought of you not here with me.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” she reassures him and wonders if he knows. If he knew, she’d be dead or rotting away in a hole, she tells herself while he cuddles up next to her and sprawls his arm over her belly. He buries his face in her neck, almost like a real lover. Almost exactly like Gershan did, just hours ago. Irina tries to make herself comfortable with him lying half on top of her and lays her hand on his shoulder. His skin is hot to her touch.

The lights from the city fall through the windows and sparkle on the diamonds on her wrist.

She has a strange sour-sweet taste in her mouth, like oranges, and she promises herself that he’ll never give her diamonds for her birthday again.

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