Enter the future…

Imagine a world, two hundred years into the future, saying that it’s done with war after nearly a century of constant fighting… while still hungering for blood. A population, bloodied and battered, still not very used to their new alliance of peace. Emotions still broiling under the surface, and the reminders of the war still everywhere.
Imagine one man giving up on politics and realizing that mankind needs two things to keep it happy: bread and games. And he will provide the games.

The deathmatches. The Fortress. And finally, the Leagues.
Blood settles the blood, blood settles the mood.

Enter the future… the Fortress, the League, the Corporation, and everything.




These stories are written around a timeline you can find in the left menu bar, in a world that is shared and written in by two writers. Not all written material is in here and some of it has yet to be retconned, because new information is added to the world all the time. Drop us a line if you want to know more.

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