History Of Events


2123 – Eastern alliance bombs Greater Kansas in order to kill President John Baxter and to deal a serious blow to the Western Confederation. November 1 becomes known as the day the Eastern Alliance crossed the line between cold and hot war. It was during the Olympics opening ceremony. Not only Baxter dies, but also a dozen other heads of state, there to watch the games. Along with thousands upon thousands of spectators. (Until Fear No Longer Defines Us)

2124 – The generals take control of the western confederation, begin the preparations for a full-scale war.

2125 – Start of the war between the Eastern Alliance and the Western Confederation: the Western Confederation hits back by bombing many political and religious symbols in the Eastern World, including but not limited to Mecca. From there the war officially stars.

2143 – Eastern alliance nukes Cuba, signalling a new phase in the war. Fallout drifting out to sea kills about 3/4 of the Eastern Fleet. Both parties decides it’s in everybody’s interest not to use nukes anymore. The war changes.

2163 – Ruiz Alfredo Trafalgar de Costa is born

2164 – David Lenham is born

2165 – Hugh Sanches Cuberes is born

2167 – Stender is born into money

2169 – Sybil Matisse is born

2171 – Irina Weisz is born, Pjotr Gershan is born

2172 – Kristian Kardusen is born

2175 – Rune Murray is born

2176- Young is born from military parents.

2177 – Milan Anders is born

2180 – Valentina Marin is born, Chang Kun Wei is born.

2181 – Russia tips the scales of the war to the Western Confederation by signing a non aggression treaty with the WC, and dominating China in an open field battle that draws out for 2 months, and is finally won by Russia due to their destruction of China’s supply lines.

2182 – Last stages of the World War 3 – Western Confederation pushes the Eastern Alliance into a corner, and peace is negotiated. Battle Commander for the Eastern Confederation Li Nguyen saves thousands of lives of her own troops at Tulun. She ends up imprisoned for war crimes.  (I Believe In Your Victory)
Walter Lane is born, Saxa Owens is born.

2183 – Lannie Williams is born.

2184 – Daniella Summers is born, Rory Jones is born.

2186 – Black City streetkid Irina Weisz sells her soul to the devil as Alek Solchov, head of the BC betting station circle offers to pay for her boyfriend’s hospital bill. (Fix The Sky A Little) She whores herself out to save her boyfriend Nikolay, only to have him overdose on her and leave her in the mercy of Solchov. (Blank and pitiless). He hires Pjotr Gershan to be her bodyguard after a foiled abduction attempt (Can’t Happen Here). Solchov recognises Irina’s intelligence and eventually offers her a job in one of his betting stations in early 87. During the next three years she works herself up quickly to a position where she ends up as his PA/secretary/COO and tries to wrestle herself out of his control. She finds some comfort with Gershan. (First Light)

2190 – Black City illegal league is set up by Solchov, but it is a mess. Lots of maffia, death threats, etc. Weisz starts embezzling money to try to buy her freedom. She meets Hugh. (Carte Blanche, Let’s roll like we used to)

2192 – Solchov discovers Irina’s embezzling and strikes back with a pod bomb, which she barely survives. She is scarred in her face and on her shoulder/back because of shrapnel. Even as she lies bleeding, she is able to go underground long enough to secure her financial assets and set everything up for a complete break. She sends Gershan to kill Solchov, which he does, gleefully. (Tornado Warning, Diamonds Aren’t Forever, These Things You Can’t Unlearn). It takes her some time to wrestle his empire under control, but soon she controls most of old Russia. (The World Is Ours, Red Moon)

2193 – Stender finds Valentina just before her 14th birthday, or she finds him, on a data retrieval mission in Rotterdam. She saves his life, he takes her out of Rotterdam and makes her his protegée. (All these moments) After a rough time trying to fit in, Valentina begins to settle a little into her Corporation life after good talks with Sybil and Stender. (Drowning with silence)
– Ben Maes takes his ten year old niece Lannie Williams on an illegal pod trip, they bond over being a thrillseeker and pod racing and excitement. (Going Anywhere)

2196 – The time for ground work is done: Stender and Hugh get to business; they are starting the League. Weisz obtains control over the complete Black City betting circuit as well as the illegal League, is contacted by Huey. She accepts a job with the Corporation soon after (Terms Of Employment) and meets Valentina (Bubbles) who is having trouble trying to adapt to a ‘normal’ life. (Wash Away Your Sins)

2197 – The year of the first tournament, also the year of the snipers story.
Northern league: Kyle Jairam (first win, sniper – Imperfection + Walk with me)
Euroleague: Steiner Elmontz

2198 – Outcome: Peter Delmont wins the Northern league, taking out two media favourtites: Juanez Blanca and Steiner Elmontz (who switched to Northern League) (Shadows)
Euroleague: No real winner, the last two standing take each other out. The official winner, Johan Feldberg, dies before medical assistance can reach him.
Asia League: is being set up.

2199 – The year of the first rookie tournament, Peter Delmont wins the Northern league for the second time. (Perfect Enemy)
Euroleague: David Lenham (dominated Fortress, dominated the League – quit after the Euroleague because of awesome job offers – he becomes Head of Security at the Corporation).
Asia League: first match, winner ???

2200 – During the turn of the century, Valentina expresses interest to join the League. Stender doesn’t like it, but he gives permission. (All These Moments)
Northern League: Peter Delmont wins for the third time, close call – he quits the game and marries his girlfriend. (Change of Heart)
Asia League: After the Moon/Kwon match that lasts for over twenty-four hours and has to end with the firebombing of the premises in the Asia League it’s decided to start using a time limit. (Fight Or Hide) Afterwards, Young is recruited by Stender to help deal with crisis management, video editing and COO work during League matches. Jorn Berntsson is hired to become recruiter and announcer.

2201 – the first year of Valentina’s participation. She enters bootcamp and is trained by Peter Lenham (They say you’re insane), takes out Peter Delmont (brought back by Stender just for this) in one of the League and establishes her reputation as the best thing since sliced bread.
– Young joins the Corporation League Team, creates the system with the probes, which opens up a whole new range of arena’s.
– Walter Lane and Lannie Williams hook up. They meet in the betting station where Walter finds a job. They end up in bed together, despite the fact that Lannie is involved with Walter’s colleague, Roy Murray, at the time. Lannie and Walter fall madly in love and bond over their shared love for arena fighting, the League, and the betting stations.
Northern league: Valentina Marin (first win)
Asia League: Chang Kun Wei (first win)
Southern League: ???
Euroleague: Varya Cheverina

2202 – apparently rather uneventful. WE NEED MORE STUFF IN ’02!
Northern League, Valentina Marin (second win)
Asia league, Chang Kun Wei (second win)
Euroleague, Elio Bellini, (takes out Cheverina) – this allows Walter and Lannie to win a lot of money and signals the start of their gambling addiction.

2203 – Daniella Summers signs up for the fortress game in a fit of drunkenness. She never hears about it again and assumes she has been deemed unworthy or too drunk to sign with full conscience. (The Day I Ruined My Life)
Sybil Matisse and David Lenham marry.
Valentina Marin and Khan Minzholing meet at Chang Kun Wei’s victory party, flirt and fall in love (Siren). Their relationship will last for nearly a year.
Euroleague: Donny Wellington (first win, takes out Bellini in the Fortress already)
Northern league: Valentina Marin (third win)
Southern League: Lygia Gomes (retires after victory)
Asia League: Chang Kun Wei (third win) — during the legendary battle w/ Li Nguyen. That standoff lasts for six hours. (I Believe In Your Victory)

2204 – Charlotte Adams and Myrian Seltzer face off in the West Fortress; Charlotte wins. Charlotte will never enter the Euroleague, though – she is killed by Donny Wellington who was involved with Seltzer and Adams both. (Self-Assessment, A Bit Of Luck, Burn) Donny is trialed for murder and initially opts for Death Match. He’s placed in the Northern League, which is earlier than his usual Euro stomping grounds. He goes down under Valentina’s guns without putting up a fight. (Eyeless).
Walter Lane and Lannie Williams go nearly bankrupt because of gambling debts and decide that one of them should try and enter the Fortress to win the money back. They battle it out in the Kardusen City Arena in Amsterdam, where Walter wins and is offered a sponsor contract with Vermeer. (Kardusen)
– Meanwhile Ruiz is recruited by Berntsson and Huey (Pass through this night). He completely owns the prelims and will join the 2205 League.
Northern league: Valentina Marin (fourth win, after running into some trouble in the Fortress a week before – Fortunate Sons). It causes her to break up with her boyfriend Khan Minzholing. (Siren)
Southern league: ????
Euroleague: Laurent le Blanc (first win)
Asialeague: Chang Kun Wei (fourth win)

2205 – Walter Lane enters the bootcamp for the European Fortress together with Milan Anders. Walter is compromised by Milan’s girlfriend & succesful bootcamp trainer Rune Murray, who doesn’t like him as competition for her boyfriend and sets up Saxa Owens to shoot him outside of League parameters. Walter is crippled, Milan enters the Fortress (Heartflusters) and enters the EuroLeague, where he is promptly offed by Le Blanc. (Look To Your Sins, The Night Is Dark)
Northern league: Valentina Marin (fifth win)
Southern League: Ruiz Alfredo de Trafalgar (first win)
Euroleague: Laurent le Blanc (second win, then relocates to Northern League after the battle)
Asialeague: Chang Kun Wei (fifth win) – after which Chang retires and moves in with his girlfriend, Ayane.

2206 – The triads kill Chang Kun Wei’s one true love Ayane. He vows revenge. (We Always Think There Is Going To Be More Time) The next few months he busies himself by killing all the Japanese maffia/triads. He is arrested in 2207, when he’s killed all of them. Offered a position in the World League, accepts. (All Is Violent)
– Christmas 2206: during the Corporation christmas party, Young hooks up with Jill Berntsson, the wife of his colleague Jorn. (Attachments)
Northern league: Valentina Marin vs Laurent le Blanc (sixth win); Valentina wins but gets sick afterwards because of illegal irradiated bullets, retires from the Game. (Critical Distance, A Fine Day To Exit, Walk Away)
Southern league: Ruiz Alfredo de Trafalgar (second win)
Asia League: ???
Euroleague: Saxa Owens – automatically Fortress qualified, takes out favourite Merle Jourin, first win, quits afterwards (Delusions Of Grandeur)

2207: Eventful League with spectacular battles, after this it is decided that there should be an overall championship next year because there’s just so much talent around and the ratings were through the roof.
– Early 2207: Rory Jones is headhunted by Young based on his awesome video edit skills after he made a promo for Lannie Williams that went viral. (And So I Watch You From Afar).
Northern league: Chad Ramsey (first win, unexpected, flashy underdog.)
Southern League: Ruiz Alfredo de Trafalgar (thirdwin)
Euroleague: Logan Falk (first win)
African League: Adhiambo Merari (first win)
Asia League: Riley Jones (first win, retires immediately afterwards)
Rookie League: Lannie Williams (first win) – in June. She meets Valentina Marin at her victory party, after which the two of them hang out a couple of times since they are both Lowlands based. (Young Blood, The Cake Is A Lie) The League matches end early August. Lannie bets her money against Ramsey and loses her hard-won Rookie League fortune. She is recruited by Young the very next morning, who is setting up a World League tournament. (Killing Us/They Will Sow Guns). Valentina is recruited by Young on the same day, right afterwards. She nearly kicks his ass out of the house, but accepts eventually. (Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies).

2208 – (END OF JANUARY) the deathmatch of the decade, and the year of Stenders retirement and Hueys imprisonment on grounds of fraud.
Lannie forgets to look up and dies under the guns of Valentina. Ruiz dies at the hands of Chang Kun Wei. Chang Kun Wei ends up in the finals with Valentina Marin and loses.
Valentina Marin becomes World Champion. Because her sabotaged injector during the actual game in radioactive environment, she gets quite sick with radiation sickness (again) and has to spend some time in regen tanks to get better again. (Resonance; Pending A God)

2208 (later) – Ruiz miraculously survives after flatlining during the World League, is revived and rushed to a clinic to recover, but he’s ready to take over the southern league at the start of the next season. During this time he briefly meets Walter Lane, who stays there to recover from heavy knee surgery that has been paid for with the prize money of his dead wife Lannie Williams. (Coming Down,Those Who Left) Walter and Ruiz bond & drink during their recovery period. They have an uneasy friendship while they both deal with their injuries and loss of life (Momentary Bliss).

2209 – (March) The Survival Game happens. Daniella Summers wins the survival game, but also manages to kills the brain behind the Survival Game: Jorn Berntsson. (Sixty Minutes, Those Who Left) Summers is convicted and trialed (Last Call For Admitting Your Failures)– of which the sentence a choice for either death or Death Match. She chooses for the deathmatch. (Green-Eyed Demon)
Young and his lover Rory have a fallout over the Summers case, which ends up in Rory’s resignation and the end of their relationship (As We Speak)
– Walter searches out Saxa Owens after his revalidation from surgery and asks her to train him for the Southern League. She accepts. (Natural Born Chaos). They train together until right before the Southern League in 2210, then Walter seeks out Rune Murray to punch her in the face (Memories Confined) and has a tearful goodbye with Saxa, who has grown to care more for him than she should (There Must Be Light).

2210 – the Southern League finds themselves with a new convict: Daniella Summers. She enters the Southern League. Her presenter is Ruiz (now fully functional again with cyborg parts). Walter Lane, husband of deceased Lannie Williams, will also enter the League, allegedly to win the game for her or else to be with her forever. His real intentions are to fuck things up for the Corporation and try to sabotage the League from within; he is consumed by rage and grief. The match will go horribly wrong, resulting in Lane and Summers on the run, outside League parameters. Stender and Valentina are called back from retirement to help clean up the mess. Eventually, Walter ends up shot, and Dani declared as the winner of the Southern League, while most of Cidade lies in ruins. (Forsaken/Expendable Souls)

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